Times ‘a Changing

So, the new front door key to my Uni house has arrived. I couldn’t help but laugh at the e-mail I received off my landlord about a previous tenant though – We all found him creepy:

“I’ve put some new keys in the post for the front door of 25A for you all, Daniel KC has left some stuff behind and has not returned his keys despite several requests so to stop him getting into the property I’ve changed the lock.”

So I guess even he doesn’t want Daniel returning, ha ha!

Enough of the creepy guy! Only 3 weeks to go and then I’ll be out of Widnes until Christmas time – I can not wait. I know I’ve put a post about this a few months back, but who cares, the time is almost here! If you don’t live in Widnes then I guess you don’t know how bad it is .. So let me explain.

Everybody seems to know everyone’s business, no matter how small that business may be! Then, more than likely it will get spread to other people in the town and so on and so on. Now, this personally has only happened once to me due to a boy who I thought was a man but clearly feels he needs to go running his mouth off about what he gets up to after a night out .. Silly boys. 26 years old acting like he’s 16 again, I don’t know eh. Nothing bad was said, obviously .. But hey! What girl wants a load of rugby lads and whatever other types of lad he hangs around with knowing what’s gone on .. Errrr, none?!

Now, Ormskirk may be a smaller town than Widnes .. Much smaller, but not once last year did I hear of anyone’s news getting passed around. So yeah, Ormskirk > Widnes.

Also, I’ve missed ‘Alpine’ – A erm, “club” .. If you can call it that, in the centre of Ormskirk. Also, I have MORE than missed ‘Lyme Tiger’ which is probably THE best cocktail bar .. EVER! .. Well, in the North West anyway, ha! The people working behind the bar ain’t too bad to look at either, eye candy, aw yeah!

I need to get to Ormskirk too as I’m starting the gym as soon as I do arrive, well, the next day. Got my gym gear here, should have been £98.00 got it for £31.99 including delivery, thanks Sports Direct! Definitely go there for any sports wear you might need, plus, you get a free mug and it’s HUGE. I need to look good for Freshers this year, 5 days a week in the gym should do it, and this time I am not backing down! You can hold me to that! I’ve already lost 4lbs and that’s just from eating salads, so a diet of salad and gym can only do better things.

What else am I looking forward to this year …

New season of ‘Jersey Shore’ OBVIOUSLY .. Aw yeahhh! Cabs are here!!! It’s T-Shirt timeeeeee. No, it should never be T-Shirt time for Pauly-D .. Beautiful man. Mmhmm.

New season of ‘Dexter’ !!!!! Now, have you watched this? If not, scroll down a few posts and I posted about it and gave a link of where you could watch it. I watched seasons 1 – 6 in about 5 days, each episode an hour long with about 12 or so episodes in each series, it’s highly addictive and you won’t regret watching it, trust me.

First installment of ‘The Hobbit’ is also out this year, and I can not wait! To see Sir Ian McKellen on the big screen again – Oh how I love that man!!

‘Batman – The Dark Knight Rises’ has already been and gone and oh god what a film that was. I cried SO much, didn’t expect too .. Such an emotional film, and when Alfred is stood there giving his little speech, how can you not cry at that?! Amazing film but I’m not going to explain ANYTHING from it incase some people STILL haven’t seen it – The lengths I went to for people not to ruin it for me were deactivating Facebook and staying away from Twitter – So, people, go watch it whilst you still have time to see it on the big screen! Oh, Christian Bale ❤

I don’t think there is much more for me to write here so I’m just gunna’ leave it there and probably post about ‘Lost Souls’ later on tonight, the novel I’ve been reading.

Good day.


About itsnotallrainbows

Hi. I'm a nineteen year old English Literature student at Edge Hill University and I love it. I love to read and I also enjoy writing my own stuff (mainly poetry) every now and again. I'm loving the University life and what it has brought to me - New friends, new experiences etc .. So glad I decided on coming to Edge Hill. My blog will contain random posts about things that interest me and hopefully will interest you too. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. - Becky.
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