‘Dracula’ – Bram Stoker

Two days ago I finally caught up with all the note-taking which I forgot to do the first time around reading this novel. I’m putting it down to getting way too into the story-line. So yes, I had to read the novel .. Again, though I’m not complaining as it is genuinely one of the best novels I have read, kudos to you Stoker.

After finally finishing reading all of the Vampire Fiction module novels (apart from Varney – But, have you seen the size of that book?) I can quite easily say ‘Dracula’, ‘Interview With The Vampire’ and though it pains me to say this ‘Lost Souls’ have been my favourite to read. As stated in earlier posts, I thought I’d despise ‘Lost Souls’ but it totally gripped me, so I can’t really complain now, can I?

Back to Dracula though…

One of the main aspects of the novel that made me love it even more was the fact it wasn’t all from one character’s point of view, it was from a few protagonists, all of which told the story amazingly. The fact it was all diary entries and letters was a great way of telling the story and progressing it – I love seeing a story grow from a first person point of view and this novel did JUST that. My favourite character(s) has to be Van Helsing or Dr John Seward – I just found their entries more compelling. Especially when Seward talked about his mental patient Reinfield, poor bloke. When I read what happened to him in his ‘cell’ I burst out with “Oh my god, no” with a shocked face .. How sad. What a monster Dracula is … Van Helsing though, how old was he, I THINK it stated 72 years old? (maybe not that old but hey) And he was hunting an infamous Vampire! Hell yes!

One part of the whole novel which gripped me though  is in one of Jonathan Harker’s entries, toward the beginning of the novel (chapter three) when he is slowly realising what Count Dracula actually is … When he sees Dracula climbing on the side of the castle. *Shudder* Quotation: “But my very feelings changed to repulsion and terror when I saw the whole man slowly emerge from the window and begin to crawl down the castle wall over that dreadful abyss, face down, with his cloak spreading out around him like great wings.” – I think this chilled me mainly because it is Jonathan finally realising completely what he is up against and whom or should I say what he has been living with. I mean, imagine being in his position. I think I’d curl up in the corner and cry.

Mina, at first and until yesterday annoyed me, but now, thinking about it .. She helped them with the capture of Dracula so I supposed I have to give her some credit. Though the way she is depicted by the men within the novel, this annoyed me. Oh so innocent and fragile, eh? Gimme’ a break. She seemed a pretty boring character if I’m honest. I was pretty glad it was a happy ending for her and Jonathan though, poor fella. I suppose it will be pretty easy to gain some information on the idealised women of the Victorian age using Mina as an example – Thanks Mina!

In all honesty I haven’t done much background reading into this novel properly yet as I want to make my way through the rest of the novels I have to read for semester two, but once they are all done I’m gunna’ do as much background reading as possible. The edition of ‘Dracula’ which I have though seems to give me plenty of information regarding the novel which is a major help! I reckon I need to look further into women in the Victorian ages, ‘The New Woman’ (which is in my edition), superstitions and also I could look at a postcolonial reading of the text.

If I was to choose a novel to write about for my course, I have to say I’d choose one of the three I mentioned at the beginning of this post, simply because I most enjoyed them and because I can see myself getting a whole lot of information about each and their authors. Well, especially Bram Stoker and Poppy Z. Brite …

If any of you reading this have any information about Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ that you think would be helpful towards my understanding of the novel then please, leave a comment or a link to a website; or any readings you got from it personally… Very much appreciated.

Happy reading.

– Becky!


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