Favourite video games revisited

So, yeah, Halo has GOT to be my absolute favourite video game to play .. WHO’S EXCITED FOR HALO 4??? Yes, I thought so!

I genuinely think I’m more excited for Halo 4 than my Birthday or Christmas!


Okay, back to the good ol’ days then, shall we?

Who remembers the Nintendo 64?

Banjo Kazooie was my favourite and Diddy Kong Racing.

I STILL have my N64 AND it still works, however, I’ve left it at home in Widnes and I’m here in Ormskirk for Uni .. Please join me in a minute silence for me being a ****

What’s your favourite console?

I’ve never really been one to play PlayStation .. The only one I have is the PS1 and that was only for games such as Crash Bandicoot .. Amazing game, eh?!

So, what’s YOUR favourite console and game .. And why?


Happy commenting!


About itsnotallrainbows

Hi. I'm a nineteen year old English Literature student at Edge Hill University and I love it. I love to read and I also enjoy writing my own stuff (mainly poetry) every now and again. I'm loving the University life and what it has brought to me - New friends, new experiences etc .. So glad I decided on coming to Edge Hill. My blog will contain random posts about things that interest me and hopefully will interest you too. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. - Becky.
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One Response to Favourite video games revisited

  1. Kjell says:

    Favourite console is the Super NES and game would be Super Mario World

    Still have my Super NES with Mario World and still working. I remember as a kid how difficult this game is and to be honest i still don’t have all Yoshi Coins. After 20 Years it’s still a awesome and beautiful game ^^

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