South Park

So, a friend of mine gave me a brilliant post idea: ‘Top 5 South Park episodes? Including why they are top five and the best moments. Also a rundown of your top 5 characters?’

So, why not, eh?! Let’s get started. As I do this I’m also re-watching them, for literally about the 50th time (maybe more) .. I’m a little obsessed.

As you know from a very early blog post, I am a MASSIVE South Park fan .. It’s definitely my favourite TV show, though I never watch it on the television, always on my laptop or DVD, anyway, what does that matter?

I will start with my personal top five South Park episodes and why…

1 – Tweek vs Craig (Season 3 episode 4) : This is number one for the simple reason I love Craig. Whenever he is center of an episode it never fails to make me laugh continuously; and with Tweek center too .. Could I ask for anything more? Well, maybe Butters too but hey! Now, the fact Craig ‘flips’ everybody off, I have no idea why but this doesn’t half make me giggle! Mr Adler is also a pretty comic character in this episode, maybe not wholly intentionally but it certainly entertained me – The excuses he made for not sleeping with the home-ec teacher (I forget her name) made me chuckle.

2 – City Sushi (Season 15 episode 6) : This is one of the most hilarious episodes, ever, in my opinion. The whole turf-war with the Chinese and the JapaneseĀ restaurant owners is nothing short of funny! The part of this episode which ALWAYS makes me burst out laughing is “CAN YOU PEREASE JUS’ A SPEAK A ENGRISH MAYBE I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU.” and “I DON’ EVEN KNOW WHAT DA FU*K YOU ARE SAYING A BUR BUR B-DUR BUR BUR!” .. Also, I love how much trouble Butters gets into, it’s hilarious. He’s one of the cutest characters which, for some reason, makes it even more funny – And his parents are two underrated characters – In my opinion anyway, they’re hilarious!!!

3 – Chicken Lover (Season 2 episode 3) : A chicken fu*cker .. Do I need to say more? A man having sex with chickens?! HILARIOUS! All to try and help Officer Barbrady to read too. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses .. Also, the first minute or so of the episode, Matt and Trey “entertaining” a group of elderly people, the way they do it too, ha! I also love the fact they state that ‘This is our favourite’ for every single episode they introduce. Another reason I love this episode is simply for Cartman … “Respect my authoritahhhhhh” on his little tricycle too, ahhhh, amazing!

4 – Gnomes (Season 2 episode 17) : “Mr Hat is gunna’ smack you bitches up!” – I love Mr Garrison … Reason one why this episode is one of my top 5. Again this episode focuses on Tweek – Reason 2 .. I find him, like Butters, stupidly cute! Also, Tweek’s parents, well, his father makes me laugh too … He seems so, random! Ha ha. The gnomes, HILARIOUS!! When Cartman hits one on the head with a stick, I literally burst out laughing. Where do Matt and Trey come up with this stuff? THANK YOU!

5 – Cartman Joins NAMBLA (Season 4 episode 6) : The lengths Kenny goes to to try and stop his mum and dad having another baby is just amazing; abortion pills with Vodka – Which his dad ends up drinking instead! Cartman’s search for mature friends … When he joins a website to find them too, his name ‘BigBoned’ and then when one man, ‘HungDaddy’ replies to him “Hi, I’m eight and a half inches.” So Cartman replies “Damn, this guy’s tiny, he must be a dwarf. *typing: Sorry, I’m not interested in being friends with midgets. Midgets piss me off. :(*” – Nothing short of funny!

Now on to my top 5 characters:

Randy Marsh

Tweek Tweak

Butters Stotch

Timmy Valmer

Mr Garrison

… Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the main characters, but I tried my best to choose characters that I believe are underrated. Of course Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric are my favourites too.

Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope it’s made you want to watch South Park .. I know it’s made me want to .. And I am doing.

Have a good day!


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