An Ancient Evil Awakens.



Well, well, well .. HALO 4 !!!!

All of us true Halo fans have been waiting for this game for SO LONG!! I remember pre-ordering the game with about 5 months to go … And people called me silly .. At least I got the Limited Edition, muaha .. But *cough* Anyway …

The graphics within this game are mind blowingly spectacular – Nothing short of AMAZING.

As stated at the top of this post .. No spoilers here but the campaign is SO SO good!!!!! I’m on mission seven at the moment, 4 hrs spent on the campaign so far .. I got lost on like .. Mission 2 I think it was … Yeah, me and directions don’t bode well, ha! I’ve decided to give myself a rest from it tonight, well, maybe just for a few hours as my eyes have started to hurt from all the AWESOME!!

I don’t think there is much I can say without ruining the campaign so I’ll go on to multiplayer …

So much fun! The maps are pretty damn cool and the weapons as you will find are really good too!

You know what … I’m gunna’ leave it all here .. If you want to know, buy it and play it … You will NOT be disappointed. It’ll be one of the best purchases of the year .. Without a doubt. It’s definitely the best FPS game I’ve EVER played.


Enjoy, Spartans.


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Hi. I'm a nineteen year old English Literature student at Edge Hill University and I love it. I love to read and I also enjoy writing my own stuff (mainly poetry) every now and again. I'm loving the University life and what it has brought to me - New friends, new experiences etc .. So glad I decided on coming to Edge Hill. My blog will contain random posts about things that interest me and hopefully will interest you too. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. - Becky.
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