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Long time no writing!

HEY! So I know I’ve not posted in a  …. Long time … Since Halo 4 came out .. Oh wow! I can’t say I’ve really been doing anything interesting but I felt I needed to make a new post … Continue reading

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‘Dracula’ – Bram Stoker

Two days ago I finally caught up with all the note-taking which I forgot to do the first time around reading this novel. I’m putting it down to getting way too into the story-line. So yes, I had to read … Continue reading

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My favourite Comic Book Hero(es) and Villain(s)

Hey, so, sorry it’s taking me so long to do my list of 10 novels I love and why but I genuinely have to think hard about it – Can’t just be putting any old novel in there .. If … Continue reading

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Times ‘a Changing

So, the new front door key to my Uni house has arrived. I couldn’t help but laugh at the e-mail I received off my landlord about a previous tenant though – We all found him creepy: “I’ve put some new keys in … Continue reading

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‘Interview With The Vampire’ (movie)

So yeah, as soon as I finished reading the novel I downloaded the film. It’s safe to say that, with many novels that I read which have been used to make a film, I preferred the novel more-so (as with … Continue reading

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Have you ever watched a film and become so emotionally distraught at the end of it that you literally cry for hours and don’t stop thinking about what the film was about? Yes, this film did exactly that to me. … Continue reading

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