My favourite Xbox 360 game?

For about 3 years now I have absolutely loved playing the ‘Halo’ games.

My favourite(s) is a toss up between Reach and 3 .. However, with ‘Combat Evolved’ was recently re-made for the 360 and not just computer, this has come up as a close second/third of my favourites. I loved ‘CE’ for the computer, don’t get me wrong – However, it’s just so much easier to play on the Xbox, do you agree?

If you know me you’ll know I literally play nothing BUT ‘Halo’ .. Well, the odd bit of ‘Batman: Arkham City’ at the minute too. STILL not completed it .. But I have been busy, so I have an excuse.

Back to ‘Halo’ … Every game (on the Xbox) I have completed 4 times each, sad I know, but I love doing the campaigns.

I have that much love for ‘Halo’ that yes, I decided to get a Master Chief tattoo .. I have a slight attraction to Master Chief .. Yes, I know he wear armour all of the time, but hey .. He still looks good.


What are your favourite games for the Xbox?

Also, if you like, add my gamertag: DEVOUREDacolyte


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My favourite Comic Book Hero(es) and Villain(s)

Hey, so, sorry it’s taking me so long to do my list of 10 novels I love and why but I genuinely have to think hard about it – Can’t just be putting any old novel in there .. If that was the case ‘Twilight’ would have been first.

So, Comic Book Heroes, eh?!

My all-time favourite is more than definitely, without a shadow of a doubt – Batman (Get it, shadows – darkness – Batman .. Yeah)

Okay, so why Batman?

I love the fact he doesn’t need all of these mutations and what not to be able to do what he does. Look at all of the gadgets he has?! All of them due to money – Not many super heroes can do the same, besides Iron Man .. But we’ll get on to him soon enough!

Sure Batman is a vigilante and not many people in Gotham appreciate that due to innocent people being killed/injured in the process – But hey, he’s brave enough to take on Villains such as Bane and The Joker etc.

I love Batman for the simple fact he’s mysterious, sure I’ve loved the people who play him too – Mainly Christian Bale but what girl doesn’t want to see Christian Bale in a Batman suit?

Now, I also know MANY people slate Batman for, and I quote “.. not even a proper super-hero he doesn’t have any powers whatsoever” and “He’s a major faggot.” – Ouch guys, ouch. As stated though, he doesn’t NEED powers to do what he does, his money more than supplies him with necessities and to be honest, I much prefer the fact he doesn’t have powers, it makes him more interesting in my opinion; and as for him being a “faggot” .. If Batman was real you wouldn’t say it to his face would you. Now who’s the faggot.

It’s also pretty clear that Batman does not want people to go through the pain that he suffered as a child when a mugger murdered his mum and dad .. He wants to keep the streets of Gotham safe and free of villains.

Another favourite Comic Book Hero of mine is obviously Iron Man.

If you know me as a person then Batman and Iron Man being my top 2 Comic Book Heroes would have been more than obvious … I love these guys .. A bit too much, but oh well!

Iron Man – For more or less the same reasons as Batman .. He doesn’t need these super powers that most of characters seem to have, he can do what he does due to being so wealthy. What makes the Iron Man (films) even better though, is the fact Iron Man .. Tony Stark is played by none other than the amazing Robert Downey Jr .. Now .. WOW! What a man .. Perfection if it ever existed.

Usually where Iron Man goes he causes a bit of destruction but, meh, at least he always seems to get his job done one way or another!


Trying to pick my favourite Villain has proven to be a lot harder than picking my favourite Hero.

Magneto (X-Men): “Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, possessing the ability to to generate and control magnetism. A Jewish Holocaust survivor, his actions are driven by the purpose of protecting the mutant race from suffering a similar fate. He is most often shown as an uncompromising militant and has engaged in acts of terrorism when he felt it was for the benefit of mutant kind.”

I always seem to enjoy the villains a little bit more .. Like, I definitely loved Magneto’s character as soon as I read about him and seen him in the X-Men movies.

My other favourite Villain (as I’m only choosing two of each) HAS to be Loki …

Without Loki, there would be no ‘Avengers’ If that’s not reason enough to love Loki, then hey .. I don’t know what is! He’s the God of Mischief so it’s already clear that he’s going to bring something bad wherever he goes. He is an interesting character, his jealousy of his brother Thor is extremely high and it’s clear he will stop at nothing to destroy Thor himself and everything around him .. Even Asgard itself.

Who are your favourite Heroes and Villains .. And why? Leave a comment or something 🙂

I know I haven’t gone into major detail about the four of the comic book characters, but I’ve explained why I love them … Have a good day!

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My top ten favourite novels and why ..

*** to be written ***

So, I’m sat in my room making a list .. Watch this space.

1 – ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ by George Orwell – Right, so I studied this novel in college during English Literature and it easily became one of my favourite novels. Since college 2 years ago I’ve read this novel roughly about 6 times now, not many times I know – But hey, I do read a lot of other stuff too! What got me most about this novel was the context, such as how this novel is important as it warns us of what a totalitarian government could bring to us and also shows the totally abusive nature of those types of government – The whole ‘Big Brother Is Watching You’ area of it also interested me, quite a lot actually … Mainly because this is where we are as a society now … More or less, eh? This book also shows how far people are willing to go to be with and spend time with people they have feelings for – Winston and Julia – People have to hide their love, therefore bringing about a breakdown of relationships due to a totalitarian government – Winston and Julia risk their lives to spend time together and this eventually leads them to their deaths. This novel also shown me how propagander of the war (WW2) got to people and how brainwashed they became! It is ridiculous – Even children gave their parents into the ‘Party’. Another aspect of the novel that greatly interested me was the dehumanisation of the people of the novel and how they were literally just a number. Also, if like me you enjoy to look at certain things from a psychoanalytical angle, this novel is one for you when it comes to his dreams. I became very interested in the characters too, and even I felt betrayed when it came to Winston being ‘tricked’ (more or less) by the shop owner, Mr Charrington – WHO TURNED OUT TO BE PART OF THE THOUGHT POLICE!!! he gave Winston and Julia in to the ‘Party’ tut tut – Sorry for the exclamation there, but hey, I was shocked! This made me really feel sorry for Winston, he trusted someone and that trust was snapped – and where it stems from here isn’t exactly too pretty. I definitely suggest you give this a read. You will not be disappointed.

2 – ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini – Okay, so this is one of the most emotional novels that I have read. It is written amazingly well. I had to study this for my college course 2 years ago and I’m so glad that this was chosen for the reading list because I doubt I’d have heard about it if not as I don’t hear many people mentioning it at all, and they should .. It’s such a good read. There has also been a film made from this novel and in all fairness it is one of the most accurate novel to film adaptations I’ve seen (as well as ‘The Boy In The Striped Pajamas’ – But I’ll get on to that later) This is essentially a story of redemption and friendship and how easily a friendship can be lost in certain ways – I honestly don’t want to ruin this novel in ANY way for anyone because you most likely won’t get the same outcome if I tell you even the slightest thing. It will take you about 4 hours at MOST to read it so why not give it a go? If you have read it, what are your views on it? Comment below, tell me about it, I love hearing peoples’ views!

3 – ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’ by Thomas Hardy – Now, I know I have done a mini-review on this novel anyway, but hey, it’s in my top 10 so it gets another mention. This, as stated, took me on a mini rollercoaster and I loved it. It showed me the struggles that one man went through, which were more than likely all brought about due to his past .. It was his fate. This links back to a belief that Thomas Hardy had – One of ‘Determinism’ : Determinism is the philosophical idea that every event or state of affairs, including every human decision and action, is the inevitable and necessary consequence of antecedent states of affairs. I, despite the things that he did, really felt for the character of Henchard, he does try to fix what he did and you can tell, towards the end of the novel how lonely of a man he truly is and that he just wanted Elizabeth to himself to love him as he loved her – Albeit she is not his true daughter. The ending of the novel had me in tears! Henchard’s will truly moved me – How he stated he didn’t want to be remembered .. What kind of life is that? How alone must he have really felt? It’s a sad state of affairs. I’m glad I had the chance to read this novel as it has essentially brought me to appreciate the works of Thomas Hardy and he has now become one of my favourite authors – I think I mentioned this in the mini-review too? Since I have read this novel though, I can’t say many others that I have had to read for Uni have lived up to it .. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed other novels but not as much as this. I am currently reading ‘Dracula’ though, almost finished, and this has been an absolutely amazing read so far!! – Sorry to go off on a tangent about another novel there, but hey .. And on to the next one!

4 – ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker – Well, well, well .. What a simply amazing novel. If you have read this, I’m sure you will agree. I was totally expecting this to be primarily from Dracula’s point of view. How wrong and surprised I was. This was one of the most gripping reads I’ve ever encountered, if you read my post a couple above this, you’ll see why – I have done a mini-review on ‘Dracula’ (This is an old post of which I am constantly adding to) … Now I have completed this novel I have finally ordered my second Penguin Clothbound Book – ‘Dracula’ of course! This novel has been one of my favourite within my Vampire Fictions module for University and I hope I’ll get to write about it for an assignment. The readings you can get from this are interesting – I’m going to be looking at the novel from a post colonial angle and see what I get from it there. I’m also going to look at superstitions and religion in the 1800’s .. And also The New Woman and just women in general in the 1800’s … Safe to say this novel will keep me busy even after finishing it, plenty of background reading to be had! You’re probably thinking I’m just babbling on here .. But there is reason for that – As stated earlier, I have done a mini-review on ‘Dracula’ and so if you like, go check that one out and leave any comments and information you think I may find helpful, in the comment box! Thank you! And hopefully stick around for my reasoning as to why ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ is number five …

5 – ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne

6 – ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll/Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

7 –  ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Charlotte Bronte

8 –

9 –

10 –

Trying to pick my TOP ten is proving harder than I thought ..

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Lost Souls – Novel

Just completely finished this novel and making notes on it now. Another of the Vampire novels for my Uni course.

I thought I’d hate it, I mean .. From reading the prologue my initial thoughts were “Ugh, great.” However, when I started reading it I could barely put it down! Now, I’m not gunna’ overly praise this as I didn’t enjoy it THAT much – It was a very easy read and in all honesty I liked a fair few of the characters, well, maybe one or two.

Zillah was one of my favourites, just from the description of him, I think I fell in love!

Most of the content within the novel though is erm, how can I put it … Let’s say transgressive and explicit? There is a whole lot of same-sex sexual encounters and a fair amount of incestuous happenings going on; So yeah, I can’t say I enjoyed those aspects of it too much.

As I stated though, it’s an easy read and it does grip you, well, it gripped me anyway. I guess you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover .. Literally.

I guess you come to “accept” the content more-so when you do some background reading on the author, or get told a little about the author – As me and Aimee found out .. He .. She … They are a transgender – So my guess is that this novel (when he was a woman) was him exploring some of his fantasies (Maybe not being a Vampire, but gay sexual fantasies) and putting it into words … I don’t know!

I am going to say give it a read yourself because, well, it’s a fun read – There’s a fair bit of action going on and I wasn’t bored at all once. So yeah, why not give it a read.

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Times ‘a Changing

So, the new front door key to my Uni house has arrived. I couldn’t help but laugh at the e-mail I received off my landlord about a previous tenant though – We all found him creepy:

“I’ve put some new keys in the post for the front door of 25A for you all, Daniel KC has left some stuff behind and has not returned his keys despite several requests so to stop him getting into the property I’ve changed the lock.”

So I guess even he doesn’t want Daniel returning, ha ha!

Enough of the creepy guy! Only 3 weeks to go and then I’ll be out of Widnes until Christmas time – I can not wait. I know I’ve put a post about this a few months back, but who cares, the time is almost here! If you don’t live in Widnes then I guess you don’t know how bad it is .. So let me explain.

Everybody seems to know everyone’s business, no matter how small that business may be! Then, more than likely it will get spread to other people in the town and so on and so on. Now, this personally has only happened once to me due to a boy who I thought was a man but clearly feels he needs to go running his mouth off about what he gets up to after a night out .. Silly boys. 26 years old acting like he’s 16 again, I don’t know eh. Nothing bad was said, obviously .. But hey! What girl wants a load of rugby lads and whatever other types of lad he hangs around with knowing what’s gone on .. Errrr, none?!

Now, Ormskirk may be a smaller town than Widnes .. Much smaller, but not once last year did I hear of anyone’s news getting passed around. So yeah, Ormskirk > Widnes.

Also, I’ve missed ‘Alpine’ – A erm, “club” .. If you can call it that, in the centre of Ormskirk. Also, I have MORE than missed ‘Lyme Tiger’ which is probably THE best cocktail bar .. EVER! .. Well, in the North West anyway, ha! The people working behind the bar ain’t too bad to look at either, eye candy, aw yeah!

I need to get to Ormskirk too as I’m starting the gym as soon as I do arrive, well, the next day. Got my gym gear here, should have been £98.00 got it for £31.99 including delivery, thanks Sports Direct! Definitely go there for any sports wear you might need, plus, you get a free mug and it’s HUGE. I need to look good for Freshers this year, 5 days a week in the gym should do it, and this time I am not backing down! You can hold me to that! I’ve already lost 4lbs and that’s just from eating salads, so a diet of salad and gym can only do better things.

What else am I looking forward to this year …

New season of ‘Jersey Shore’ OBVIOUSLY .. Aw yeahhh! Cabs are here!!! It’s T-Shirt timeeeeee. No, it should never be T-Shirt time for Pauly-D .. Beautiful man. Mmhmm.

New season of ‘Dexter’ !!!!! Now, have you watched this? If not, scroll down a few posts and I posted about it and gave a link of where you could watch it. I watched seasons 1 – 6 in about 5 days, each episode an hour long with about 12 or so episodes in each series, it’s highly addictive and you won’t regret watching it, trust me.

First installment of ‘The Hobbit’ is also out this year, and I can not wait! To see Sir Ian McKellen on the big screen again – Oh how I love that man!!

‘Batman – The Dark Knight Rises’ has already been and gone and oh god what a film that was. I cried SO much, didn’t expect too .. Such an emotional film, and when Alfred is stood there giving his little speech, how can you not cry at that?! Amazing film but I’m not going to explain ANYTHING from it incase some people STILL haven’t seen it – The lengths I went to for people not to ruin it for me were deactivating Facebook and staying away from Twitter – So, people, go watch it whilst you still have time to see it on the big screen! Oh, Christian Bale ❤

I don’t think there is much more for me to write here so I’m just gunna’ leave it there and probably post about ‘Lost Souls’ later on tonight, the novel I’ve been reading.

Good day.

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‘Interview With The Vampire’ (movie)

So yeah, as soon as I finished reading the novel I downloaded the film.

It’s safe to say that, with many novels that I read which have been used to make a film, I preferred the novel more-so (as with ‘I Am Legend) … However, I did prefer the ending in the film to the novel – What made it even better was the fact that Guns N’ Roses – Sympathy For The Devil played at the end as Lestat was driving off with the interviewer. I adore Guns N’ Roses.

I also found that the film missed out certain parts such as Louis’s brother committing suicide which I thought was a majorly important factor to Louis feeling guilty, alone and wanting his life to end – Which then, in the novel, is when the Vampire, Lestat, took him. But in the movie this was just put down to his wife and child dying, well, I don’t remember a mentioning of his brother anyway.

Altogether it was a good film, but a better novel.

Give it a go.


Happy watching and even happier reading.


– Becky.


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‘Interview With The Vampire’

… Just finished this novel tonight and oh, my, god! As I’ve stated in a post a few weeks/months ago, I never used to be one for Vampire novels, and in all seriousness, it was due to the big ‘Twilight’ craze and how they ruined the whole perception of supernatural beings.

This novel, though many reviews and people I have heard talking about it have said it is not good at all, had me so engrossed and gripped it’s unreal! Now, I know I’ve said I thoroughly enjoyed all the novels that I’ve read lately – And it’s true, I have – But this novel, I can’t even explain.

Many of the reviews I read basically said they hated the monologue-type style of it, however this is a style that grabs me and pulls me in – I love reading/seeing things in novels from a first person perspective – Doesn’t it make it feel more .. How should I put it … Real? It certainly did for me. I mean, I even had tears at some points, c’mon!

Some of the characters, I loved. Louis for one, obviously – I could not help but feel “sorry” for him the whole way through – So alone, not wanting to be how he is, feeling the guilt of the death of his brother too, how that can ruin a person; Though I would have thought being a Vampire would have put to rest all of his feelings, being undead I thought would mean having no emotions whatsoever, but this may just be the way of this particular novel – I’m yet to read a few more Vampire novels for my course – So I guess I’ll learn more and the ways of how each author likes to perceive Vampires!

Now, Lestat. Though he was made to be a more evil Vampire during the earlier parts of the novel, towards the end when he came back, particularly in ‘Part 3’ when Santiago tricked him!!! GAH! And even when Louis went back to him in ‘Part 4’ and eventually “I remember telling him that what I chiefly knew was that I’d destroy him…” .. This then leaving Lestat completely alone, and also leaving Louis alone.

Now, the part that “got me” the most was when it came to the end of ‘Part 4’ with Armand: “He began to slowly walk away … I never saw him again … His coffin remained. But he did not return to it.” – I 100% had tears in my eyes. If he died, I do not know! Cliffhanger!!!

I love it when a novel can do this to me!

Now you’ll probably be thinking “Blah blah blah” .. But I AM going to state it … I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GIVE THIS A READ!!

Even if just to experience it, so what if you’ve also read it is supposed to be a bad novel – Give it a go yourself, gain your own personal experience.

Happy reading!

I’ll probably have another SORT OF review of my next novel by tomorrow or Monday .. Hm, now which novel *to* read! …

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